Branch Chain Amino Acids | BCAA | PRIMAL PHARM™
Branch Chain Amino Acids | BCAA | PRIMAL PHARM™
Branch Chain Amino Acids | BCAA | PRIMAL PHARM™
Branch Chain Amino Acids | BCAA | PRIMAL PHARM™
Branch Chain Amino Acids | BCAA | PRIMAL PHARM™


2:1:1 Branch Chain Amino Acids Our perfectly optimized 2:1:1 BCCA blend in mouthwatering fruit punch or honeydew...
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Build Muscle, Eliminate Fatigue & Burn Fat

Studies have shown athletes given BCAAs during exercise experience 15% less fatigue allowing athletes to exercise 17% longer before reaching exhaustion.

One way BCAAs do this is by helping lower your levels of "creatine kinase" and "lactate dehydrogenase" resulting in improved recovery times and protecting against muscle damage.

People given BCAA supplements rated their muscle soreness levels as much as 33% lower and in some cases performed up to 20% better when they repeated the same strength-training tests 24–48 hours later.

Essential Daily Health Support


    In one study, people who consumed a drink with 5.6 grams of BCAAs after their resistance workout had a 22% greater increase in muscle protein synthesis compared to those who consumed a placebo drink


    Taking BCAA supplements can prevent the breakdown of protein in certain populations with muscle wasting.


    Several studies show that BCAAs decrease protein breakdown during exercise and decrease levels of creatine kinase, which is an indicator of muscle damage


    Leucine and isoleucine are thought to increase insulin secretion and cause your muscles to take in more sugar from your blood, thereby decreasing your blood sugar levels


    In two studies, participants who supplemented with BCAAs, limited the amount of trypotophan release, which is thought to result from the fatigue-reducing effect of BCAAs

Natural, Safe and Clinically-Backed Ingredients

  • BCAA 2:1:1 - 4000 MG

    BCAAs consist of three essential amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) required by your body to create proteins. Primal Pharm's 2:1:1 ratio is perfectly optimized to boost muscle strength, build lean muscle mass, inhibit muscle fatigue, burn fat and prevent fat storage.

  • L-GLUTAMINE - 1000 MG

    While our body needs and makes enough glutamine to function on its own, we may require more when stressed from injury, illness or exercise. L-Glutamine helps by serving as one of the main building blocks of protein synthesis and helps improve athletic performance, reduce soreness and improve recovery times.

  • VITAMIN B6 - 2.5MG

    A recent study found up to 73% of athletes were deficient in Vitamin B6 which helps convert food into energy. It also helps with normal brain function and allows you to create more red blood cells, allowing for increased oxygen delivery to your muscles, improving your VO2 max and overall athletic performance.

Nutritional Facts & Use

Suggested Use: Mix 1/2 a scoop (6.5g) in 8 - 10 ounces of cold beverage. It will take a few minutes for all the powder to dissolve in the beverage. Best taken pre-workout, post-workout or between meals.

CAUTION: Consult with a physician prior to use if you have any medical conditions. Do not use this or any dietary supplement if pregnant or lactating.

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